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last update: 07.12.2004

This is a short intro to the Web based lab for interfacial waves (Welafi)

With Welafi you have the opportunity to use a physical lab setup for your educational lab sessions that is however not in your laboratory, but rather used remotely via Internet.

While you operate the lab , you get a live video for observation. All you need is your web browser

The topic of this web based lab is standing interfacial waves in stratified fluids.

Have a look a some stills + movies to see how the first three baroclinic and the first two barotropic modes can be generated interactively by you or your students.

There is already a recommended prelab which you can tailor to your individual needs.

So, please feel free to enter the lab, or if you have problems to get a videostream, look at the video library to get an impression.