last update: 07.12.2004

Sorry, but you have to accept non-permanent cookies for this website.

bulletWhat is the difference between permanent and non-permanent cookies ?

On this website only non-permanent cookies are used. They are written into your RAM-memory and will be deleted as soon as you close your browser (session). No information is written onto your hard disk. You see, non-permanent cookies are harmless.
Using permanent cookies, the content of the cookies will be written into a file on your hard disk and be available for later access. This is also possible after you rebooted your computer

bulletWhy do this website need cookies ?

With every new session (opening your browser and accessing the lab section on this website) you get a SessionID in form of a asp-cookie (asp = Active Server Pages).
Using the serveral SessionIDs from the accessing clients I can prevent that 2 clients try to operate the lab at the same time.

bulletHow can I activate non permanent cookies in my web browser permanently.

Internet Explorer 4, 5:

bulletClick on Tools-->Internet Options from your browsers menu
bulletClick on Security tab
bulletPress the Custom Level button
bulletScroll down the security settings and set the second cookie option (Accept cookies per session) to enable

Internet Explorer 6:

bulletClick on Tools--> Internet Options (Internetoptionen) from your browsers menu
bulletClick on Data Security (Datenschutz) tab
bulletPress the Advanced (Erweitert) button
bulletEnable deactivate automatically Cookiemanager (Automatische Cookiebehandlung aufheben)
bulletEnable Always accept session cookies (Sitzungscookies immer zulassen)

Netscape Navigator

bulletClick on Edit-->Preferences from your browsers menu
bulletOpen the Category Advanced
bulletIn the Cookies Section choose accept all cookies

If you want to find out more about cookies, please read the security section