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last update: 07.12.2004

Welcome beta-tester, I need your feedback

If you are a teacher, please also look at the small intro for teachers.

I would like you to test my current web lab. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what the lab setup is (physical background). Right now it is only important to guaranty the functionality of the interactive lab section. 

  1. Please don't care about either the design or about completeness of the whole website. I want you to test only the lab-functionality, so that I can find the potential bugs or even incompatibilities with some special browsers or browser versions and fix them before the final launch of the website.
  2. If possible use as many internet access points as you have (at work, at home,...). Due to the great bandwidth the videostream needs, you'll probably have the best results at work. You certainly have to be sure that your employer tolerates private use of the internet. 
  3. I recommend that you choose the following motor voltages: 33, 57, 78, 145 or 250 dV (You'll find these voltages also in the help screen in the lab)
  4. While testing the lab, try to find out which video settings are the best for you and remember how many frames per second (fps) you saw (you can find that information in the lower left corner of your browser while watching the videostream)
    If you don't get any video, please try the following link:
    and tell me what you saw in the comment box of the survey.
  5. If you have any further information for me about errors or logical bugs, please mail me, or write it down in the comment box of the survey

So, go ahead, have fun and remember to fill out the survey (it just takes you 1 minute) after you are done and thank you in advance for your support.

 ==> Start the lab <==

P.S.: For detailed bandwidth tests, I recommend NetStateLive (258 kB).